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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Heart Rate Based Classes

Personalized Group Fitness

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Revive to me is an all over challenging fitness regimen with loving kindness for your body. Its absolutely perfect and I am so happy that I found it!
— Shannon D.

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Don’t have time to do it all?  Our classes have you covered with a full body workout in 55 minutes. Our workouts are scientifically designed to optimize all facets of strength and fitness and they change daily so that you don't plateau - keeping workouts fresh and fun. You will be challenged through a combination of cardio, core and strength intervals to bring out your personal best – all in under an hour!


Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate based training allows you to monitor your intensity and measure progress through our member portal.  Train smarter and burn 400-1000 calories in 55 minutes.


Personalized Group Fitness

Our indoor bikes personalize the class to you through our Coach by Colour system.  Our smaller class sizes and experienced coaches promote a fitness experience that's personalized to you. Have fun and measure progress.

5 Zone Heart Rate and Bike Monitoring to keep you accountable

Bike  - % of Functional Threshold Watts (FTW)

Functional Threshold Wattage(FTW) is a measure used to determine your fitness level on the bike.  Your FTW is determined by sex, age, weight and how many times a week you exercise.  The higher the FTW, the harder your workout will be.  We can always adjust this number to make the class feel right for you.  

Heart Rate - % of Maximum Heart Rate

Your Maximum heart rate is calculated through this formula: 220-your age = max heart rate