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Our Low-Impact Promise

Through the use of water rowers, bikes, TRX, and kettlebells, our workout has been specially designed to provide maximum calorie burn while saving the joints from the repetitive impact of running or jumping. This makes our classes appropriate for clients who may struggle with joint pain or be recovering from an injury, and will help to ensure the vitality and mobility of your joints and muscles for years to come. 

Personalized Workout for Personalized Results

Our Matrix IC7 bikes personalize the class to you through the Coach by Colour system.  We discover your fitness level on the bike through a FTW (functional threshold wattage) calculation and tailor the intensity on the bike to you with our 4 colour training zones. Our smaller class sizes and experienced coaches promote a fitness experience that's personalized to you. Have fun and measure progress.


Full Body Strength & Cardiovascular Workout

Don’t have time to do it all?  Our classes have you covered with a full body workout in 55 minutes. Our workouts are scientifically designed to optimize all facets of fitness and they change daily so that you don't plateau - keeping workouts fresh and fun. You will be challenged through a combination of cardio, core and strength intervals to bring out your personal best – all in under an hour!

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Heart Rate Training

All of our classes leverage POLAR Heart Rate training technology so you can monitor your intensity and train smarter, not harder. Overtraining and stress are two major factors that can limit one’s performance and we hope with our coaching, you will understand how to reach your goals with a balanced approach.

Certified Personal Trainers

All of the Trainers at Revive are Certified Personal Trainers - something we are really proud of. If you are recovering from an injury, illness, or pregnancy, we can provide modifications to the group workout. Our smaller class sizes and format mean that we can spend time with individuals correcting form and making sure you are getting the most out of your workout.




Our signature class. A 55-min low impact, heart pumping, H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) workout utilizing spin bikes, water rowers, kettlebells and TRX. This class is guaranteed to give you a full body workout and make you sweat.

Revive 45

What can you do for 45 seconds? This fast-moving 55-minute circuit class gets the same great full body, low impact HIIT workout as our Signature Revive Class while using 45-second based strength and cardio-based stations for 3 rounds to keep you moving and engaged, and your body guessing.

Revive + Restore

This is a 75-minute class that includes a 45-minute Signature Revive Class followed by 30 minutes of self-myofascial release (foam roller or release ball) functional movements and mobility exercises. This class is ideal for anyone looking to create balance within their body. Regular drop-in rate applies. *Please bring your own myofascial release balls or purchase from reception.

Please familiarize yourself with our Policies before attending class.

I absolutely love the environment Revive creates and how it works for all fitness levels. Nothing beats the awesome and fun people in the class
— Michelle Cameron Coulter, Olympic Gold Medalist

Contact Us

2503 14th St. SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3T8

Free Parking

Parking stalls are available behind the studio. Street parking is open on 14th Street during the day (excluding 3:30pm - 6:00pm weekdays), and 24hr open parking along 24th Ave SW. Please be mindful of where you are parking as this is a residential area. Please do not park in the Starbucks lot - you will be ticketed and towed. A bike rack is available directly in front of the main studio door.