Group Training

Group Training

Group Fitness. Personalized For You.

Our group training sessions are designed to bring out your personal best. We keep our class sizes smaller to personalize your experience in a non-intimidating space. Our aim is to keep you STRONGER FOR LONGER

  • Smaller Class Sizes: With fewer than 12 people/class, our coaches give you more 1-on-1 attention to help you reach your goals faster and safer.  
  • Stronger For Longer:  Our strength training program with professional coaches gives you optimal results that last. 
  • Low Impact High Intensity: We leverage the science behind low-impact, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to protect your joints while achieving maximum results.
Revive STRONG Class

Revive STRONG Class

Revive Strong is a 55 minute class with a greater focus on building strength and lean muscle. More time is spent on mobility and strength circuits using the TRX and kettlebells.

In seven-minute blocks, your coach will guide you through strength-based exercises focusing on specific muscle groups for full-body engagement. 

Revive SIGNATURE Class

Revive SIGNATURE Class

Revive Signature is a 55-min low impact, H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) workout using cycling, water rowers, kettlebells and TRX. 

This class is designed to provide an effective full-body cardio and strength workout.


Reach Your Fitness Goals and Beyond With Revive Lifestyle Memberships

Reach Your Fitness Goals and Beyond With Revive Lifestyle Memberships

A Different Kind Of Membership.

Membership Options:

  • PREMIUM 8X/MONTH: Improved Fitness
  • EVOLVE 12X/MONTH (Most Popular): Body Composition/Visual changes
  • ELEVATE 30X/MONTH: Optimal results and performance

Membership Details:

  • Monthly autopay memberships (6-month terms available). 30 days notice is required to cancel.
  • Max Class Size of 12 Members per session
  • 1 Body Composition Scan included monthly.
  • Access to a coach for accountability/support.
  • 10% off Retail/Events.
  • 2 Vacation Holds Per Year Included.

Because We All Deserve To Revive & Thrive

- Kyle

"So I've been coming to revive for just over, I think, three years now. And what first attracted to me to revive was the group training concept. I've never been, I've never loved the gym. I'd get to the gym often, but often kind of 20 minutes into a workout. I'd call it quits. And what I love about revive the group training concept is once you're there, you're going to do the full workout whether you like it or not. So, I love the atmosphere and the culture at revive the people are so nice. I fell in love with it right away…. And I think that what I liked about the semi private training here as compared to just straight private training is that it is a little more flexible where you can, if you can't make a time, you can, you can cancel and move into another day. And, I also do like the social aspect who are working out with two or three other people. So there is a bit more of a social aspect as compared to just the straight private training. And I do like just having a customized workout for me. So I don't have to worry about putting together a plan before I go to the gym. I just show up and they tell me what to do, which I like. And I think that since I've started on the semi private training, I have certainly gotten a lot stronger and I have lost, lost some weight. So I feel just generally in life a whole lot, whole lot better."

Group Training FAQs

We have classes 7 days a week to accommodate any schedule. Click here (link to schedule) for a detailed Revive Lifestyle Fitness group fitness calendar.

Absolutely not!  Because of our small class sizes our coaches are able to provide a personalized workout experience for everyone who attends. In fact, if you are new to working out or just beginning your fitness journey, group fitness training is a great way to meet our fitness community, get some personalized attention from our trainers, and get the most bang for your buck.

We have 2x/week, 3x/week and unlimited membership options available.  

It’s Time To Revive & Thrive, Together!

We believe in keeping you STRONGER FOR LONGER. With access to Calgary’s best personal trainers, and fitness and nutrition experts, book your free consult and take advantage of our 21-Day Trial offer to truly experience The Revive Difference.

Visit us at 2503 14th St SW in Calgary, fill out the contact form, or give us a call today at 1-403-700-0338, and let’s carve your wellness journey, together! 

Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Revive Lifestyle Fitness is Calgary’s premiere small group personal training and lifestyle facility. We have worked hard to build an inclusive, connected community of people committed to living healthy today and for a lifetime. Our team of the industry’s top fitness experts are ready to support you on your own unique journey to optimal health and fitness. We focus on measurable and remarkable total body and lifestyle transformations to help you achieve lasting health and wellness. We promise to keep you stronger for longer.