The NExt STep To Achieving Your PErsonal Best…

Your success is our priority. With personal training you get the complete 1on1 attention of our coaches or work in a semi-private format. We personalize everything for you in this fitness experience so you can take out the guess work completely. Our experienced coaches will help you in the realms of programming, nutrition and achieving better lifestyle habits. If you want the absolute best and are looking for long lasting results, look no further.

Customized Programming

Receive a personalized strength and mobility program to meet your goals. Understand your unique body better and the best way to train it in a safe and effective way.

Coaching + Accountability

We check in regularly with your goals and measure your progress to make sure you’re on track. Whether you’re traveling or just need the extra support, we have you covered.

Nutrition Plans

They say 80% of our results come from what we eat and most of the time that’s true. We give you simple guidelines and built-for-you meal plans that are adaptive to your lifestyle.


Member Features

Ingrid Enns

"I started at Revive with advanced arthritis in my hips and they’re program has worked wonders for me. The low impact training still allows me to push myself without the joint pain. On top of that, their help with nutrition planning has helped me achieve my top fitness levels while minimizing inflammation with my hips

Being your best is all about doing your best. As a Revive member, I am challenged, motivated and inspired to strive to be the strongest, healthiest and best version of MYSELF."

Athena De Marco

"I love the variety of exercises in each class and how well each session challenges me. I choose revive because not only does it provide great value, every staff member makes sure to check in and keep me accountable to the goals I set out when I first started there. Since starting at Revive I have lost over 20lbs and significantly improved my overall fitness, health and flexibility which I know will only keep improving with the help of Revive."

Louis Duncan-He

"Results have ultimately motivated me from coming back. I've always had a hard time losing the last 5-10 pounds for my frame. Since coming to Revive, in about 2 months time I've dropped 4% in body fat and lost the 9 pounds I haven't been able to lose for almost 5 years. I've also realized the amount of energy Revive gives me."