5 benefits of HIIT that you can't see in a mirror

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts have been shown to be highly effective to get your bod in shape but did you know that they are also beneficial for your mind and body in ways that you can't see in a mirror? Check out these 5 benefits that you are getting when you get your HIIT on at Revive!

1) Improvements in aerobic and anaerobic fitness - Perhaps this goes without saying but HIIT is highly effective in improving both aerobic and anerobic (you know that breathless feeling you have in the red zone?) fitness. This is the good news, the bad news is that when we see this happening we are going to be reminding you to increase your FTW on the bike!

2) A healthier heart - HIIT training has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure and improve cholesterol profiles. 

3) Increase in insulin sensitivity - This is a good thing as low insulin sensitivity can lead to health problems like diabetes. Recent studies show that HIIT appears to be more effective than steady state exercise in its ability to reduce blood sugar levels.

4) The mind connection - During vigorous exercise, mood enhancing endorphins are released which not only make you feel great post workout but at a deeper level can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety & depression. Enhanced productivity and creativity are an extra bonus - you're welcome! 

5) Slow down the aging process - What? Recent research has shown that HIIT exercise boosts a cell's mitochondrial activity (remember your Bio 10)?! Your mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and their activity typically declines with age which can lead to cell damage and dysfunction. HIIT has been shown to kickstart mitochondrial activity which could be one way to slow some signs of aging. 

There are many reasons beyond physical appearance for making exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle. Benefits from exercise in general, and HIIT in particular, go well beyond what you see in the mirror. So get out, be active, and do some good for your mind and body! 

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