Benefits of Low Impact HIIT Workouts

Benefits of Low Impact HIIT Workouts

Get a great sweat while avoiding those nagging injuries.  Low Impact HIIT workouts are a growing trend that promote building you up and not breaking you down.  Below are some reasons to try a workout that's not only smarter for your body but is going to give you a great workout as well.

Helps shed weight and burn calories

Low impact does not mean low intensity.  HIIT workouts are scientifically proven to help you burn fat, improve metabolism and lose weight.

Stronger for Longer

Our workouts are designed to save the joints so that you can stay active for life.  If longevity is one of your primary fitness goals, then look no further.

Good for every fitness level

Whether you’re just getting back into it, new to exercise or wanting a change, Low Impact HIIT may be the thing for you.  Our goal is to optimize fitness and minimize injuries.

Full Body, everything in under an hour

We give you a full body, strength and cardio workout in 55 minutes!

Changes Daily 

Our workouts change daily so your fitness doesn’t plateau.  This keeps your body guessing as we switch our fitness focuses week to week - keeping it fresh and fun.

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