Body Composition Scanning: What the Scale Isn't Telling You

When it comes to our health and personal goals, too often we go to the scale as a measurement of success and betterment.  Does less pounds always equal better health?  If I lose that nagging 10lbs will I feel better? and what exactly am I losing… muscle… fat… my mind?  I know working with many personal training clients over the years that numbers on a scale only tell a part of the story. In fact, I took a BIA (body composition) scan with BioScan recently using their Evolt 360 scanner and the results were interesting to say the least…

As presumed, I had a healthy weight, good lean muscle mass and overall, a positive fitness score.  What turned out to be a good wake up call was my visceral fat rating… I was almost at risk!  To you non-fitness buffs, visceral fat is the fat we carry in our mid-section or sometimes known as the muffin top... the technician was basically saying I had a dad-bod.  A high visceral fat rating is clinically proven to be one of the leading causes to many chronic health issues and cannot be measured on a scale.   Further to that, the kind woman doing my assessment explained the causes for high visceral fat are lack of sleep, poor nutrition and stress.  So of course, I had to agree to all 3 points as life has been a little tougher since the arrival of our second child.  Having done this scan, it reminded me of how little value we get from stepping on a scale.  Also, that exercise alone isn’t the solution.  So, before you get on that scale again ask yourself if you’re getting enough rest, eating mindfully and taking time for yourself. More so, make sure you track what type of weight you’re losing (or gaining) as you may be trading fat for muscle, and that’s not such a bad thing!

Here is some other useful information I received when doing a body composition measurement:

Identify personal long term health risks

A BIA can show serious risks to your health like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular disease etc. that are affected by high fat stores and low muscle mass

Subcutaneous fat

This is the fat underneath your abdominal wall and surrounding some of your vital organs. High amounts lead to increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalance and impairs circulation.

Skeletal muscle mass

A high level of skeletal muscle mass can help with an increased metabolic rate, higher energy levels and increased strength

Fitness Age and Score

An indication of your body’s internal health age based on your individual scan results

Prescribed dietary guidelines 

BioScan’s technology can also prescribe caloric intake as well as macronutrient ratios

We are looking forward to introducing Body Composition scanning through BioScan as a new service for our clients, beginning with the challenge this Fall. It has certainly opened our eyes to strengths, weaknesses, and progress, and we know it will for you too!

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