Macro-Morphing: Eating For Your Body Type

We all have a body-type or combination(s) of body-types.   And so, should different body types all exercise and eat the same?  Of course not… each body type(or combination of) will have a different reaction to varying macro-nutrition ratios.  If you don’t understand what macro’s are yet, here’s an article that explains what macro’s are and how to apply the principles of macros to your diet.

We are typically not 100% of one body type, most of us are combinations of two body types usually with a primary and secondary characteristic. We use the term macro-morphing to help you understand how to eat according to your body type with the right set of macro-nutrients.  Below is a look/description of the 3 different body types and general characteristics of each:

Ectomorph: are naturally thin with skinny limbs.

Celebrity Example:  Lance Armstrong

Mesomorph: are naturally muscular and athletic. 

Celebrity Example:  Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Endomorph: are naturally broad and thick. 

Celebrity Example:  Jennifer Lopez


(from ISSA) 


Ectomorphs - 25% protein / 55% carb / 20% fat  
Carb timing ideas: Should include lots of carb-dense foods around exercise.Has a high carb tolerance so usually has a harder time gaining weight, especially muscle. Veggies and/or fruits (~3:1 serving ratio) should be eaten at each meal.

50% or more of calories should come from carbs, protein 2nd, fat 3rd

Able to process carbs very efficiently and turn into energy without storing excess body fat.

Be sure to eat multiple times throughout the day, your meals should be 5-6 times a day.


Mesomorphs - 30% protein / 40% carb / 30% fat  
Carb timing ideas: Should include carb-dense foods around exercise. Has moderate carb tolerance so should consume minimally processed carbs in moderation. Veggies and/or fruits (~4:1 serving ratio) should be eaten at each meal.

Balanced macro diet, e.g. mostly equal across protein, fat, and carbs

Maintenance easy for this body type, especially with a close eye on protein. As long as you stay within your macros/calories you’ll be ok, however your body is accustomed to being active so an inactive lifestyle will still lead to weight gain. 


Endomorphs - 35% protein / 25% carb / 40% fat  
Carb timing ideas: Almost all carb-dense foods should be included around exercise. Has low carb tolerance so should be very careful to limit carbs if the goal is weight loss or maintenance.  Veggies and/or fruits (~5:1 serving ratio) should be eaten at each meal.

Guaranteed to gain weight if you go over your calories for the day/week.  Need a close eye on macros is very important for this body type.

Aim to eat most of your carbs in the morning.   Be aware of sugar content in fruit and moderate portions of fruit.  

“When trying to lose weight or body fat, there’s no perfect macro law.  No macro mix can save you if you eat way too many calories or way too few.”
Your body type, metabolism and weekly physical activity level all have some bearing on your ratios. Also, you must pay attention to portion control and eating too much food(even if it’s healthy) can inhibit your goals.  Simply understand that your body type can have a bearing on how easily you reach your fitness goals however don’t let your body type be an excuse for not reaching your goals..  These ratios are a starting range for most body-types and don't be afraid to experiment for better results. Get to know your body!

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