Member Feature: Natasha + Catherine

We have so many amazing couples and families who come to Revive together (or separately!) - it's always so inspiring to see family members setting great examples for each other and committing to a healthy lifestyle together!

This month we are featuring Natasha & Catherine, a mother-daughter duo who you would never guess could be mother and daughter, but who have been working out together 2-3 times/week since June! You may have even met Catherine's son/Natasha's brother Brad in the studio, too! We sat down with them to find out what inspires them.


Tell me about your journey in health and fitness - how and when did it begin? Were you always active? Or did you start later in life?

Natasha - I was super late to the game - I cut gym all the time because I hated it so much, and was cut from every team. I really seriously started working out in 2010 because my husband had really high cholesterol, so first we cleaned up our eating, and then we both started working out. We each lost 55 lbs, and I got hooked.
Editor’s note - anyone who has been in a class with Natasha knows that she is a total powerhouse! Hard to believe she wasn’t a natural in her youth!

Catherine - I was always more into sports, more of a tomboy growing up, in track and baseball teams, but never kept it up. Then life happened - I got married and had kids, and dealt with some major health issues. I couldn’t find my groove, and then Natasha brought me back to Revive in June and it got me hooked again.
Natasha: I actually thought you would drop dead in that first class!
Editor’s note: Catherine did not drop dead! She was back two days later and has been a regular, super-strong member and example ever since! 


Why is it important for you to be active, healthy, and mobile?

C: Well, Natasha inspires me. But as I get older, I see people even in their 60s and they look - well - old! As I get older, I want to be able to be healthy - for my husband, my kids, and my grandkids.
N: My dad had a heart attack, Mom had her sickness, everywhere around me were warning signs and examples. Healthier people just seem to stay healthier.


Have you noticed any changes in your health, body, or mindset since you started coming to Revive?

N: I joined in April, had been traveling and was ready for a change. I didn’t think I would like the format at first but I loved it - I got hooked!
C: I love the smallness of it, the boutiqueness of it, someone telling me what to do, the variety, and the teachers.
N: It’s amazing how varied the classes are - they don’t get old.


What is your favourite exercise?

N: Push-ups - I just feel so strong
C: Anything on TRX


Least favourite?

C: burpees
N: rowing


Best pump-up song?

N: Anything I can sing along to in my head - 80s is great! Nothing too angry.
C: Agreed - I love Michael Jackson!


Later this same, day, Natasha sent a follow-up email...

I wanted to say something today but I got all flustered and never mentioned it! One of the things that I love so much about Revive is all of the instructors. In all other gyms that I have attended, there is always at least one class that I never seem to make it to because for one reason or another, I do not like the instructor. Not the case at Revive! I have taken a class from every instructor there and have loved everyone. It is such a great group of knowledgeable, warm and energetic instructors (and the rest of the staff as well!). It really is a pleasure to come into the Studio. 

Thank you!



Thank YOU - Natasha & Catherine! You are a joy to have around and an inspiration to us all :) 

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