Member Testimonial: Ingrid E.

"When I finally decided to commit to the Revive 6 week challenge..."

When I finally decided to commit to the Revive 6 week challenge, my only goal was to lose some body fat and reset my fitness and nutrition habits after a pretty indulgent summer. As the weeks went by, I felt the positive effects this challenge was having not only on my body but on my mental and emotional health as well. Which ultimately brings me to why I became a Revive member in the first place.

I started working out with Mike in January 2015; it was before he had the studio and we were doing outdoor bootcamp. I had just lost my mother in May 2014 and relocated to Calgary with my family in July that same year. Through all the grief and stress of those two events alone, I managed to gain over 20lbs in about 6 months. I was unhappy, unhealthy and in a bad place mentally and emotionally. I came to realize that I didn’t want to “eat my feelings” any longer and I wanted to be the person I used to be, maybe even better. Meeting Mike and becoming part of an exercise group that included women who were caring, understanding and also fun to work out with, helped me lose the weight and want to continue on my wellness journey.

I had contemplated participating in the 6 week challenge a few times but never had the courage to try. I knew how important the nutrition part of the challenge was and I was more than intimidated. I decided it was going to be a birthday gift to myself and that for 6 weeks I was going to be committed. Having Kiran as my coach was awesome. She answered every question, guided me every step of the way and was my own personal cheerleader. I found the nutrition plan easy to follow and the recipes were delicious. I worked out 4 times a week, which helped with my results.  It was motivating to see my fellow challengers succeed as well.

After completing the challenge, I lost 13.8lbs, 6% body fat and gained a whole new attitude regarding my health and wellness. I’m stronger, I have way more energy and I sleep better. The best and most unexpected bonus is that the inflammation around my hip due to arthritis is gone.

Thank you Mike, Kiran and everyone in the Revive community who inspired and motivated me to participate and be successful. It was so worth it!

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