Member Testimonial: Tim S.

Subject: Revive is AMAZING!

Imagine how we felt when an email with the above subject line landed in our Inbox. There is nothing like being reminded that we ARE making a difference in people's lives. Here is what long term client Tim had to say about Revive... 


Hi Mike,

I've been meaning to write this email for a while now, just wanted to let you know what a change Revive has had on the quality of my life.

I've always been a very active individual, exercise has been a huge part of my life, always. I started working out in grade 8, and aside from a few short forced breaks due to injury, in those 30 years I have never had a stretch beyond 2-3 weeks, usually beach vacations, when I wasn't actively doing something in a 'gym' of some sort.

I began having difficulties once I started working in a office in my mid 20's. Starting with 4 years of really bad plantar fasciitis then into a ten year period of nagging hip issues that eventually culminated into two separate incidents of lower back disk herniation's. The summer of 2016 was a low point when I suffered fairly severe sciatica. 

Through all of that time, I have stayed active, but suffered through constant discomfort/pain and required regularly physio and chiro visits. 

Things took a dramatic change for me once starting at Revive in late 2016.  I haven't needed to go for treatment once since that time. 2017 has been my first pain free year, probably since I was 30, so nearly 15 years. Here's what my past 5 years were like in regards to the number and costs of physio/chiro visits.

Year      # Visits      Cost

2013       25              $3,217

2014       24              $2,721

2015       24              $2,635

2016       44              $3,556

2017       0                 $0

2018       0                 $0

It's been a long and challenging journey to get back to place where I can be comfortably active again. I wanted to give you, and everyone a Revive, a HUGE thanks, for all that you have done for me! It's been life changing.



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