Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training

Small Groups. Big Results.

Semi-Private Personal training marries the best of both worlds: private personal training and small group fitness.  This option is both economical and effective:

Max of 3 People:  Recieve individualized coaching while working in a small group.  

Affordability:  Half the cost of regular 1on1 training 

Personalized:  Each client receives a personal program that supports their individual goals and needs

Because We All Deserve To Revive & Thrive

- Andrea

"I started semi private training because I wanted to get stronger.
And as I experienced these sessions with a variety of different trainers, I realized just how fun they all were to work with.
And they all have a vested interest in not only me gaining strength, but also me having a lot of fun during these sessions and they know what I like doing, they know what I don't like doing and they know what I need and they focus on making me see results, but also on having a really enjoyable experience."

Semi-Private Personal Training FAQs

This training strategy is membership-based and your per-session cost is based on the number of times per week you train. The most common membership is two workouts per week and the training program is adapted at the completion of each monthly cycle.

No, you can be at any fitness Level to participate in semi-private training because your fitness coach will personalize your training program just for you.

Your semi-private fitness journey begins with a complimentary consultation. We will ask you about your fitness and health history and your goals. We will start you with our 21-Day Trial, which is a template program that includes a personalized workout program. Your 21-Day Trial also acts as an assessment period. This is your starting point. Once you have completed the 21 days, you can choose your membership package and join your new semi-private fitness community.

It’s Time To Revive & Thrive, Together!

We believe in keeping you STRONGER FOR LONGER. With access to Calgary’s best personal trainers, and fitness and nutrition experts, book your free consult and take advantage of our 21-Day Trial offer to truly experience The Revive Difference.

Visit us at 2503 14th St SW in Calgary, fill out the contact form, or give us a call today at 1-403-700-0338, and let’s carve your wellness journey, together! 

Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Revive Lifestyle Fitness is Calgary’s premiere small group personal training and lifestyle facility. We have worked hard to build an inclusive, connected community of people committed to living healthy today and for a lifetime. Our team of the industry’s top fitness experts are ready to support you on your own unique journey to optimal health and fitness. We focus on measurable and remarkable total body and lifestyle transformations to help you achieve lasting health and wellness. We promise to keep you stronger for longer.