Stronger For Longer -Your Goals, Our Purpose


7 years ago when our studio first opened, one of the biggest problems I was trying to solve was how to improve one's fitness as you age…. How to live Stronger For Longer.  

This all important question actually started in 2004, when I began my personal training career in Calgary, studying Kinesiology and competing in various sports such as powerlifting, football and bobsled.  No matter the sport, the goal in mind always started in the gym and I had a relentless pursuit of getting bigger(more muscle), faster, stronger.  At that time, and in my twenties, it seemed like there was nowhere to go but up.  I Improved my strength and speed every year… until I didn’t. Later in my twenties, I suffered a few chronic injuries that kept me from training to my potential and everything I worked so hard for started to diminish…. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, I was working alongside some of the top physiotherapists in town and through them, learned a lot about managing injuries, training intensity and how it all relates back to performance.  Through time and rehabbing some of my injuries, I was able to get back to top shape later in my thirties and hope to continue that for years to come.  

I know for some of you reading this, 30 seems like memories ago but no matter what decade you’re in, the result is usually the same… the things you used to do aren’t working anymore. 

During the same time I was managing my aches, I was running an outdoor bootcamp for an amazing group of women, most of which were over 40.  They were fun, motivated and always worked hard.  Interestingly, they had the same issues of injuries, only it took them even longer to rehab…  Even though I did everything I could to program effectively, I realised all the running, jumping and high impact work we did outside just wasn’t working for them anymore… hence the birth of our Revive studio and the concept of low impact, high intensity training.  Below are the most important principles to what we do as a company and community...

Low Impact HIIT
This has been one of our main promises since day 1.  Why?  
1) Having worked almost 10 years in a physiotherapy clinic helped me understand the effects of chronic injuries and high impact stress on our joints.  Injuries from running are typically the #1 cause of chronic sport injuries seen by physiotherapists.  This is not to say running is bad for you, not in the least bit, but many people do too much of it too soon without getting proper training to run efficiently.  
Further, we’re all living longer these days - It’s predicted that by 2050 the average life expectancy will be 85.   So, we’re all living longer but does that mean that our joints will last?  Not unless we take care of them now and learn to train smarter.  That’s our goal with Low Impact training - to let you push yourself now and well into your later years…to have your ideal lifestyle in and out of the gym.

2) HIIT serves as one of the most effective ways to maximize fitness and burn fat.  With our HR monitors, you can now monitor your intensity as we recommend achieving 15 minutes or more in the yellow and red zones combined during class.

Strength Training

This one is pretty simple to answer... strength training is truly the foundation of all other things related to fitness.  It can protect your joints, build muscle, and help you move efficiently as some examples.  Think of strength training as the foundation to any well built house (your body).

Community and Connection
It’s been so great for our team to get to know our members and see you achieve amazing results with Revive.  As our relationships with you grow, we realize fitness is only part of our offering as our community grows stronger with you. Our mission is to make sure everyone who enters our studio is greeted with compassion and a smile.  Let’s keep the good times going and stay stronger for longer.  

It’s Time To Revive & Thrive, Together!

We believe in keeping you STRONGER FOR LONGER. With access to Calgary’s best personal trainers, and fitness and nutrition experts, book your free consult and take advantage of our 21-Day Trial offer to truly experience The Revive Difference.

Visit us at 2503 14th St SW in Calgary, fill out the contact form, or give us a call today at 1-403-700-0338, and let’s carve your wellness journey, together!