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Fitness is about more than just working out. It is about understanding how our bodies work, how our habits affect our performance, how our lifestyle impacts our physical and mental well-being. Our team is on a journey to understand comprehensive health and wellness and we are committed to sharing everything we learn with you. Explore fitness, health, and living well with us.


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How Purposeful Recovery Can Supercharge Your Fitness


5 Reasons To Cross-Train For Race Season

April is here and preparation for race season is in full swing. Whether you love marathon, obstacle or adventure races, cross-training will add huge value to your performance. Cross-training is a broad term that can include resistance training, mobility/stretching, and low impact endurance

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Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Revive Lifestyle Fitness offers an elevated personal training and weight loss experience to achieve your fitness goals with the support of fitness and nutrition experts, and options for private, semi-private, and group personal training. Get stronger for longer and build sustainable habits for a lifetime of health and fitness at Revive.

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Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Fitness Today. Health For A Lifetime.

Revive Lifestyle Fitness is Calgary’s premiere small group personal training and lifestyle facility. We have worked hard to build an inclusive, connected community of people committed to living healthy today and for a lifetime. Our team of the industry’s top fitness experts are ready to support you on your own unique journey to optimal health and fitness. We focus on measurable and remarkable total body and lifestyle transformations to help you achieve lasting health and wellness. We promise to keep you stronger for longer.