December Member Feature: Shannon


Shannon has been a dedicated Reviver for the past 6 months and her story is an inspiring one.  Shannon is a fitness fanatic but suffered a devastating back injury that took her out of training for nearly a year. Since finding Revive, she's gotten back on her feet and is feeling strong again. 

Her journey started with some personal training at Revive to rehab her back where she then graduated to taking classes.  Our low impact, HIIT format was the perfect fit for Shannon as she could push herself without worrying about re-injury.  The rest is history...

Tell me about your journey in health and fitness - how and when did it begin? Were you always active? Or did you start later in life?

I started getting into fitness at the age of 20. I was pretty overweight in my late teens. I decided that i wanted to make a change so I joined a gym and my fitness journey began. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with it and I haven’t stopped since!

I heard you suffered an injury.  Could you tell us more about that and why you chose Revive?

I had a horrible back injury last winter. I had to stop all fitness, which is devastating to an active person.. I would drive past revive all the time and i was curious what it was all about. So I researched it and thought to myself, this place sounds amazing and is exactly this kind of training my body needs when I am able to move again. I stopped by finally in the summer and met Mike. I started with some one on one sessions with him just to regain some strength and correct movements that I had been doing incorrect. Mike was absolutely fantastic. after working with him it didn’t take long until he said the most exciting words to me “ I feel you are ready to do the revive classes” It was music to my ears and I have been coming ever since! I just absolutely LOVE it!!

Have you noticed any changes in your health, body, or mindset since you started coming to Revive?

Absolutely! I feel much stronger all over especially my core. I have realized that fitness does not have to be high impact and you don’t need to beat yourself up to get you into great shape. Revive to me is an all over challenging fitness regimen with loving kindness for your body. Its absolutely perfect and I am so happy that I found it!

What is your favourite exercise?

KB Cleans!

Least favourite?


Describe Revive in one word?